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Property Valuation

A video course by Dr. Peter Linneman

Professor Emeritus at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Founding Chairman of Wharton’s Real Estate Department.  Principal of Linneman Associates LLC, CEO of American Land Fund and KL Realty. Dr. Linneman is widely considered the foremost commercial real estate educator in the United States.

16 segments | Running time: 110



So Cap Rate Is R-G

Estimating Future Cashflows

Lessons Learned

Discounted Cash Flow Wipeboard

Sources Of Cap Rate Variation

The Gordon Model

The Gordon Model Continued

Selecting A Discount Rate

What Do We Know From The Data

What To Do With Non-Stabilized Properties

Discount Rate Wipeboard


Cap Rate Wipeboard

Cash Flow vs Net Operating Income

Discounted Cash Flow Explained Further

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